The Throwable Microphone

For Audience Engagement

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Everybody Loves Catchbox

Colorful and Customisable!

Make your events colorful and your brand stand out.
Catchbox has 4 colors to choose from.

Easy to Setup

Catchbox works wirelessly and is super universal, connecting to stereos, computers and professional sound systems.


Works For Any Event

Catchbox is very versatile in terms of use cases.  Use one of our recommendations or invent your own way to use the product.



Engage your students with Catchbox! It's as easy as throw, catch, talk & repeat



Catchbox is a complete new way for structuring your training and consulting sessions.



Even quiet voices will be heard. Also your remote colleagues will notice the difference.


Skype calls

Catchbox makes for a great external mic for your computer. And it is visible on the screen.



Why you will love the Catchbox?


Make People Smile

The Catchbox makes events fun. period.


Great Sound

The Catchbox is designed to sound great without any interference.

The Right Tool

The Catchbox is the first mic designed for audiences.

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